Saturday, 30 June 2012

Brownies, brownies everywhere!!!!

It's become very apparent to me that I am awful at updating a blog. However, this time I seem to have more time on my hands, so am giving it another go. 

Since posting, I have taken up crochet and cross-stitch. I love both, although crochet is incredibly difficult until an amazing person *cough Bug cough* helps you with it. 

To kick off the new start, I am going to share with you guys my much loved Brownies recipe. I normally take these down to the Sunday Social at Lady Luck every month, and they go down a treat! 


100g butter (and extra for greasing)
100g dark chocolate
175g caster sugar
75g light brown sugar
2 eggs
100g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons cocoa powder


1. Heat oven to 180 degrees (this is what I use for a fan oven, go to 200 degree for a standard oven) Put the butter, dark chocolate, caster sugar and light brown sugar into a saucepan and heat gently until all is smooth. 

2. Take off heat and add the eggs. Sieve in flour, baking powder and cocoa powder, and mix until mixture is smooth.

3. Put mixture into a greased baking tin (I tend to use a standard round silicone tin, from Poundland), and bake in the oven for 20 minutes, or until a skewer comes out of the mixture clean. 

4. Allow to cool and cut into slices. 

With this recipe, you can also experiment with different flavours and textures. Once all of the mixture is together, add 50g of your chosen ingredient, for example, which chocolate chips, mixed crushed nuts, etc. It's great for parties, and general get-togethers. 

Pictured above is a freshly baked batch of double-chocolate brownie, ready to be cut and sold.

Hopefully you all enjoy the brownies. I shall be updating soon with more tips and recipes. Also, if there's anything you would like to share on the blog, please email me at, so I can share your tips and ideas with readers