Friday, 10 May 2013

To Pastures New

This week has reminded me how much a hate moving house!!! Having spent 5 days packing up the flat that the boys share (my belongings were done in about 2 hours, save the kitchen items) I have since spent 4 days helping move things, sorting through boxes and bags in the new place, and cleaning the old flat (mine will be done on Saturday) I can honestly say I've never known a move to go on for so long.....and I very VERY much hope I won't have to go through another house move for a very long time!

Even though I'm not officially living with my significant other, nothing really feels like it has changed. I know that we were practically living together in the months leading up to the move anyway, but being my first time living with a partner, I wasn't sure if something would change. I mean, obviously not expecting massive drama-filled-fireworks type of be honest I don't really know how to describe it. It is amazing to have all of my belongings with me now though, instead of constantly having to pop back to my place to pick up specific items. And, moving has helped me re-discover items I'd forgotten I owned. Is like buying them all over again, but without the expenditure!!!!

I must admit I have become very house and interiors obsessed recently, as soon as we knew where we were going to be moving to. We even did a trip to Ikea, and I am very proud to say that I did not purchase everything in sight. The inspiration has been amazing, and that, along with Pinterest, is fuelling my ideas for turning the new house in to a wonderful home!

Pictures will be posted once everything is all unpacked and we've settled in and really made it ours.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quiet Times

I know I said I would primarily use this blog for my creative passions. However, due to recent medical issues, I seem to have lost a lot of motivation. Currently I am stuck on crutches, having had a fall back in February. An MRI in March has revealed a cyst in my left knee. Whilst that would not have caused the fall, it may be causing the pain and tenderness that I still have in my knee. Since then, I have been having acupuncture to release the tension and pain in my knee, and am booked in to see the orthopaedic department at the hospital next Wednesday.

Getting out of the house has been an issue for me. I am very much one of those people who if I don't have a reason to go out, I won't. And needing to get out every day isn't necessarily a good reason for me to venture outside, especially given the bad weather in recent weeks.

One thing I have been enjoying is jewellery making. It is very much a side project, something to keep me occupied of an evening, but I've received a lot of really good feedback.

Above is currently my favourite creation. I found some old comics in a charity shop, and along with some cameo components, I made a Bananaman cameo bracelet with matching banana earrings. This is my first attempt at using the cameos and I'm incredibly pleased with how it's come out.

In the meantime, I've also had a birthday (thankfully incredibly quiet and wonderful) and a trip to Norfolk to see my Dad, step-Mum and younger brother and sister. All-in-all I'm trying to stay as positive as possible. I have a house move to look forward to, as well as starting university, and hopefully getting back to work soon.