Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bargain Hunting

Am realising that I'm not so good at this updating my blog lark (note to self: update more often!)

I seem to spend days off seeing people, rather than being creative at the moment. And whilst I want to branch out into projects of an evening, work leaves me incredibly shattered, and I have no idea where the evenings go. Kinda sucks, but I guess I just need to work on the balance of it all.

Yesterday I met up with a couple of beautiful ladies, in the forms of Si and Jame. Both had bubbies with them, so there were plenty of cuddles to go with the gossiping.

After returning home, I had something of a special moment, where I managed to confuse grams of butter, for ounces of butter, and ranted about not having enough to make cakes to take to The Lady Luck. This happens when I'm not in the best of moods, have something of a migraine coming on, and have consumed 4 bottles of Brothers strawberry cider over the course of an afternoon. So, this morning, I realised my mistake, and set about making more Millionaire's Cupcakes to sell.

I've started adding chocolate coins to the tops of the cakes to give them some height, and to hopefully make the students go "ooh, shiney!" and buy them. They seem to be going well so far, fingers crossed the success continues and grows.

Finally, we're having another massive sale at work. Whilst sorting through sale items over the past couple of weeks, I came across a couple of funky retro-esque finds.

I have a huge thing for cherries (stating a fact, in case you couldn't tell from the blog title, tattoo, cherries on many many things I own) I love the fact that this necklace has the twist of the googly eyes.

Also found this set of earrings at the bottom of a basket. Yes, one of the bows is missing, but the whole pack itself only cost £1.00, so can't really complain. Am looking forward to matching these with outfits and wearing them many many times.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

September Sunday Social at the Lady Luck

Today was the monthly Sunday Social at The Lady Luck pub in Canterbury. Unfortunately I had to work today, but the lovely Miss Flick agreed to sell cakes for me. Yesterday ended up being a loooooong day due to working then baking in the evening, but is totally worth it. The cakes came out looking pretty great, and even though it was one of the quieter socials, it was still an enjoyable evening.


There were 4 flavours sold this month - Reese's Cupcakes, Lemon Delight, Strawberry Daiquiri and Millionaire's Cupcakes, as well as the added extra of chocolate brownies.

The table next to us were selling clothes. The girl who runs it goes to boot fairs and charity shops to hunt down vintage clothing to sell on. She had an amazing collection of clothes and accessories on offer, and left Flick with the below vintage postcard for her pin-up embroidery.

Also, at the Social, there was a tombola stall. I immediately fell in love with a classic cookbook that they had as one of the prizes. As it didn't go as part of the tombola, Emma let me have it. It's soooooo amazing!!! Is one of those cookbooks that has everything in it, and the best thing is, it has an old book smell and feel to it. I LOVE IT! I can't wait to make something using one of the classic recipes.

And finally, what better way to celebrate a long hard day at work than with cider, cake, and fantastic company! Amazing evening had, thank you Flick!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month....

Today is the start of a brand new month. For many, it's a brand new start, heading off to new school years, college, university, etc. etc. It's weird to think that I was preparing to head off to university at this time 9 years ago! Seems like such a long time ago now!

One of my old housemates gave me a Gil Elvgren calendar this past Christmas. Gil Elvgren is my favourite pin-up artists, and is one of the most famous and recognisable. I'm actually planning on my next tattoo to be based on his artistic style.

Elvgren (March 1914 - February 1980) was a classical American illustrator, a master of portraying the All-American ideal feminine, but he wasn't limited to the calendar pin-up industry. He was strongly influenced by "pretty girl" illustrators such as Charles Dana Gibson, Andrew Loomis, and Howard Chandler Christy.
In 1937, Gil began painting calendar girls for Louis F Dow, one of America's leading publishing companies, during which time he created around 60 artworks. Around 1944, Gil was approached by Brown and Bigelow, a firm that still dominates the field producing calendars and advertising specialties. He was associated with Brown and Bigelow from 1945 to 1972.

The pin-up for September 2011 is Smoke Screen.

Each month also has a smaller pin-up picture for just above the month layout. This month is Wish You Were Near.

I love this calendar so much (and I also have the matching, obsessed, never! Haha!) On the first of every month, I plan on posting which pin-up paintings are featured. For me, Elvgren's painting capture everything a woman should stand for. Fact is, women should be able to be beautiful and sexy, whilst being smart at the same time!