Thursday, 11 October 2012

Always Be Prepared

This afternoon, I spent the majority of my time putting together my (now bulging) suitcase ready to go on holiday for a week.....and I do not do packing lightly. Having been on many trips where key items are forgotten, I now find that I pack for every single possible eventuality, meaning I take A LOT of stuff with me.

Being a typical girl, as well as having many clothes, I have many toiletries with me. There are several things I simply could not live without for a day or two, let alone a whole week.

1. City Rush perfume from Avon - I have a real thing about smelling nice, regardless of what it is I'm doing. The new perfume from Avon is absolutely beautiful, slightly musky, but not too heavy, so perfect for day and night.
2. Cinnamon and Cranberry shower gel from Avon - perfect to get into the Autumn/Winter spirit
3. Salt Spray from Lee Stafford - this was recommended to me recently, and I absolutely LOVE IT!! Spray into your hair before blow-drying (or leave to dry naturally) and this spray gives a slight curl, creating that "just gotten out of the sea" casual look. It also has hairspray and volumiser in it, which is perfect for my fine, somewhat limp, hair, without having to back-comb it.
4. Dark hair Dry Shampoo from Lee Stafford - something I use every day to give a bit of volume and a refresher to my roots
5. Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser and Body Shop Seaweed Toner, along with Avon Anew Night Cream - these products represent my evening skin care routine. Once my make-up has been removed, I use these products to refresh my skin before heading to bed
6. Soap and Glory exfoliating face soap and Avon Anew Day Cream - I use these in the morning, mainly to wake myself and my skin up. I've only recently started using the Avon Anew creams, and have to say they are AMAZING! They do three different types, for in your 30's, 40's and 50's. I've been using the ones for 30's (yes, still 18 months away but not harm in being prepared) and my skin feels incredibly soft and smooth. Would definitely recommend!!

Along with toiletries, there are certain cosmetic items that I also cannot live without -

1. Benefit Smokin' Eyes - I've used this for years, it has a combination of colours for day and night wear, and lasts forever!
2. Falsies Mascara - does exactly what it says on the tin
3. Revlon Photoready Foundation and Powder - these are the only bases that I can find that perfectly match my skin. Being incredibly pale, others end up looking orange or yellow on me. These are amazing, and last all day.
4. Metallic Eyes set from Claire's - a huge range of colours to create the perfect eye look, whatever the occasion.

Seems like a lot that I can't live without, but these products give me confidence in myself that I look vaguely human and presentable to the world.
What can you not live without?

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